The MOT/TTC training and certification process described applies to all personnel responsible for the planning, development, design, implementation, operation, enforcement and inspection of work zone related transportation management and temporary traffic control on streets and highways within the State Highway System right-of-way

The applicable Department and non-Department personnel must be trained in accordance with the following process for Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) Training. The Department provides for three categories of training.

1. Advanced and Advanced Refresher Training: Required for personnel with the authority and responsibility for making decisions on the specific TTC requirements to be implemented. These positions include the following: a. The Professional Engineer responsible for the development of the Transportation Management Plan (TMP) and design of the TTC Plan. b. The Worksite Traffic Supervisor 

2. Intermediate and Intermediate Refresher Training: Required for personnel with duties that include any of the following activities: a. Personnel responsible for supervising the installation, removal and field maintenance of TTC devices

3. Flagger Training: Required for all personnel flagging traffic.