Asphalt Mix Designer

The asphalt Mix designer course is a 3-1/2 day course is to ensure that all SuperPave mix designs are done in accordance with Standard Test Methods. This course will ensure the trainee has knowledge of the specification requirements for Superpave Mix Designs.

This course consists of a three and one-half-day training class with a written examination (4 hours, multiple choice) on the afternoon of the fourth day. The blendingĀ of aggregates and calculations of proportioning will be covered. Also included are a review of FDOT mix design specification criteria, calculation of volumetric criteria (air voids, VMA, VFA), and reporting of mix design data using standard report forms. Training course attendance is encouraged but is not required for qualification.

An open-book written examination (4 hours) is administered at the end of the course.

All trainees seeking Mix Designer qualification must:

(1) Pass the Asphalt Mix Designer written examination

(2) First-time qualifiers must possess an active Asphalt Plant Level 1 qualification at the time of taking the Asphalt Mix Designer qualification.

(3) Have 90 days of experience in asphalt plant operations or asphalt mix testing.